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Help Me I’m Poor.

There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the horrifying news that some employers have been asking for interviewee’s Facebook passwords.  If you haven’t heard about it yet… you must have a job.

I first learned of this apparent new trend while sitting in my Social Media class a couple Wednesday’s ago. One of my fellow students mentioned it to my professor, astounding myself and many other students.  At this point, I can’t even tell you where this started.  If you search “employers asking for Facebook passwords” on Google.com, a number of articles pop up, all telling different stories of different people going in for an interview and leaving feeling a bit violated and severely confused.

I realize that today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and people are doing whatever it takes to land a job, any job.  For that reason, I am even MORE astounded over the fact that Congress did not vote in favor of a law that would prohibit employers from asking for passwords like this.  Granted, I know very little about the way that law and government works, other than what my Communications Ethics, Law and Regulation class is teaching me this semester.  However, someone needs to protect us unemployed desperately indebted peoples!

I read in the Wall Street Journal last week that student debt has now surpassed $1 TRILLION.  Do you KNOW how much money that is!?!?  In an effort to be as cliche as possible- desperate times call for desperate measures.  So if a potential employer, a.k.a. a potential solution to my thousands of dollars of debt, asks for my password, well, I might give it to them.  I probably will at least think it over… don’t judge me, I’m poor!  And so is SO much of the rest of the 20-30-year-old world these days.

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I just have a simple question for all of you to answer- what is this world coming to?  Since when is it “okay” to ask for someone’s password, for anything?  [Side note: No, it’s not okay for your boyfriend/girlfriend to ask either.  My only advice for you people dealing with that issue is to run.  Run far, far away.  Knowing your s/o’s Facebook password is a dangerous, scary thing that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.  I’M SERIOUS GUYS DON’T DO IT YOU WILL HATE THEM OR YOURSELF AFTERWARDS… Whoa.  Sorry.  Flashbacks are a very real thing.]

I understand that background checks are a part of the employment process in more ways than one, but I truly believe that asking for Facebook passwords is taking it just a tad too far.  I doubt I could find anyone who disagrees with me, but PLEASE, if you do, give me your rationale in the comments.  Any other support- monetary or otherwise- is welcome.

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