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The Night Twitter Saved My Life… #notreallybutstill

February 12th, 2012: A beautiful day for an incredibly obnoxious but irresistible awards ceremony- The Grammy’s.  I got my work done, went to church, purchased a tub of cookie dough ice cream, made a pound of pasta, and had my personal Twitter account open with the hashtag #Grammys saved… I was SO ready to watch.

Disclaimer: This isn't actually me, it's my best friend. However her expression matches my enthusiasm for the Grammy's this night.

Disclaimer: This isn't actually me, it's my best friend. However her expression matches my enthusiasm for The Grammy's this night.

I started my all night television marathon on E!, watching Ryan Seacrest and Giulianna Rancic interview stars on the red carpet.  This is almost better than the actual awards ceremony because you get to see the absolutely ridiculous things that people will wear to appear wealthy and/or to get attention.

I love Twitter during awards shows.  It’s fascinating watching people respond to what I’m seeing on TV in real time.  I also make it a challenge to be ‘retweeted’ by someone who doesn’t follow me- it feels kind of like being a twitter celebrity.

During the last BET Awards, I tweeted “awww poor girl” #failofafifteenminutesoffame #betawards” [Click here to watch what I was talking about] and got retweeted by @RAEdiantlyRare.  One of my proudest social media moments.

When the clock struck 8pm, I flipped the channel over to CBS to watch the actual awards show and almost burst into tears as I stared at a blue screen and the bouncing words “No Signal”.  Heartbreak.

Throughout the night, the signal went in and out and so I was able to see bits and pieces here and there, but honestly I didn’t miss a thing thanks to Twitter.  I knew exactly who was performing at all times, what they were wearing, what they were singing, how the performance was, how many people wanted to be physically abused by them and more [Check out Buzzfeeds story on the girls who would ‘wouldn’t mind getting beat up’ by Chris Brown…disturbing].

Social Media has completely changed the way people watch events like the Grammys, the Superbowl, and even popular TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead”.  Somehow, that show managed to be a Trending Topic for at least a few minutes during the Grammys, which I think definitely says something for both the show, and how diverse and real Twitter’s users are.

I was an active participant during the show and tweeted all night.  A couple friends joined me, while a few other’s found it incredibly annoying. What do you think? Isn’t this how Twitter was meant to be used? To connect us to people all over through our similar interests? Or maybe we should just all go back to tweeting about what we ate for breakfast this morning…

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