Nick, Be a Winner, Get a Twitter

AKA, Why You’re a Loser if You Don’t Have a Twitter Yet

#SorryNotSorry for that subtitle.  (And the title was necessary to save a soul, clearly) But it’s true!  I was having this discussion with one of my best friends, a previous roommate from my undergrad and also classmate in high school, the other day.  The girl refuses to sign up for a Twitter account.  I explained to her that there are numerous benefits to signing up, that if she doesn’t, she’s going to be left behind by the rest of us and our vast knowledge of current events, AND that her voice is not being heard by the MAN because she doesn’t have a Twitter to broadcast it… nothing.  I even told her she could follow Edward Cullen. She still refused.

Therefore, I have comprised a list of reasons you are a loser if you STILL do not have a Twitter.  We have long since moved past the notion that Twitter is JUST (not saying they don’t still do it) a place for preteens and teenagers to vent out their frustrations in 140 characters or less and for middle-agers to post pics of whatever they ate for dinner.  Twitter is the land of the informed, the conscientious, and the revolutionizers. YEAH.

Top Four Reasons You Are A Loser If You Don’t Have A Twitter:

1. The reality is, news is being broadcast on Twitter FIRST, before anywhere else.  A prime example is the announcement of Facebook buying Instagram.  I received an e-mail for the NY Times about the $1 Billion purchase, as soon as it was written, right to my phone (a Blackberry… wah).  Immediately after, I clicked on my Twitter app to post about it, only to find that it was old news!  People had been posting almost an hour before then about the Instagram buyout and how they felt about it.  If you want to be an active and knowledgeable participant in LIFE in general… you’ll get a Twitter account and keep yourself up-to-date.

2. Twitter is creating a worldwide community.  Yes, Facebook connects you to people you don’t always get to see… BUT with the exception of the occassional attractive looking person of the opposite sex that requests your friendship, you will not add people that you do not know- at least we have been taught that it is the smart and common sensical thing to do.  However, Twitter is all about connecting with strangers and making a name for yourself amoung them.  It’s not creepy to “mention” someone in a response to what they “tweeted”, whereas it’s hella weird to like a stranger’s status or photos… or, dare I say it, write on their wall.  You want to know how people think and connect with them on a regular basis? Get a twitter.

[*cough* *cough* Social work is about knowing how SOCIETY and the PEOPLE in it think and work, and how to use that knowledge to make them think and work better.  Seems like Twitter is an obvious spectacular resource. *cough* *cough* *COUGH* Yes, that one was directed at you, Courtney.]

3. You can gain credibility just from having an active Twitter.  I’ve seen classmates turn into go-to sports commentators because of their Twitter accounts [on that note, check out @NickVeronica for great updates during most Buffalo sports, Yankees, and/or Canisius College games, with a hint of humor and interesting observations occasionally thrown in. Oh, also, bear with him when he posts pics of himself in a tie.  He’s really big on that]. In the last few weeks, I’ve gained a handful of followers who are interested in social media- I’m assuming as a result of both this blog and my posts on Twitter.  If you use the site for what it was meant, you can gain a LOT from it. Check out this article I got from @TweetSmarter on how to make yourself more of an influencer.  Granted, this is more directed towards businesses, but you can still apply it to yourself.

4. The corporate world is watching. Now more than ever before, companies are paying attention to what the public is saying. With our economy slowly repairing itself, and the Internet becoming more vast and easy to use, there are a million and one options that we consumers have at our finger tips, but only a few precious dollars to spend, so whoever has EXACTLY what we want, gets the cash. And companies reliant off of consumers know this. Good organizations are all over Twitter, engaging in communication between the company and the public, and understanding exactly what it is that we want.  I think that’s pretty cool.  Corporations (in this sense at least), are actually listening!  Because they HAVE to!  But if you don’t have a Twitter… nobody hears you. [Side note: I tweeted @Wegmans, my favorite grocery store from home (Buffalo) the other day about how much I missed them, and they tweeted right back at me, saying they missed me too!  I’ll shop there forever]

IN CONCLUSION (I’m terribly sorry to every high school English teacher I ever had for ending like that), if you don’t have a Twitter, you are losing.  You’re losing your ability to make an impression on the corporate world.  You’re losing the chance to make a name for yourself out of nothing, and to network with people who are already great influencers. You’re losing the chance to mix and mingle with people of so many different cultures and backgrounds that you otherwise might never come in contact with.  Most importantly, you’re losing, because you’re ignoring what might possibly be the greatest news resource ever created, and having access to this up to the mili-second current events timeline is something that people never even dreamed of, as they woke up every morning and read their daily news paper to see what happened yesterday.

Get a Twitter account.  It’s free dammit.

P.S. Follow me!  I have an account geared mostly towards PR (@EmilyMarciniak), and a more personal account with funny observations on daily life, and posts on social media (@EmmyRose104).

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12 thoughts on “Nick, Be a Winner, Get a Twitter

  1. Tweet Away!!!! I completely agree with you Em! I find out more about what is going on in the world from Twitter than I do from the news. Fact. Twitter is amazing and I’m obsessed, addicted, a Tweet-aholic, call me what you may… I love Twitter.

  2. Once again, you’ve hit the nail on the head! You cant possibly be in the know/ in the loop/ cool if you do not have Twitter. Twitter informs and entertains me at the same time. I’ve been the first to report on celebrity rumors/gossip, news and NBA trades because of Twitter. I follow more news outlets and magazines than real people, but who cares. The Oprah in me has to have the scoop and Twitter is my ultimate resource in obtaining the scoop.

    Not only is Twitter a great way to stay informed but it’s an excellent promotional tool. Small businesses can cut back on advertising costs by utilizing Twitter the right way.

    Also I was informed of my first rally for justice via Twitter. So you discussing the fact that Twitter has created a worldwide community is so on point. People are getting together on twitter to advocate for others and hold others accountable for their actions.

    I absolutely Twitter. I do not however like when people use it to talk trash and bring others down, BUT that comes with the turf I suppose. Besides, the good of Twitter totally outweighs the bad.

    • Thanks Court! I agree that there are many, many people who use Twitter for bad, but unfortunately with the Internet there is just no escaping it. And regulation is, at this point, just out of the question. Who knows though, with time we may see it become a necessity. Good topic for another post! Thanks!

  3. Your blog is hilarious and very true! I admittedly don’t use Twitter as much as I should. After reading this blog though, I’m definitely encouraged to really take advantage of it. I also wanted to point out a fifth reason to get on Twitter, more geared for people in PR … MEDIA CONTACTS! You can use Twitter to follow various journalists and build rapport. This way, next time you have a press release that needs to be placed, you will have a better chance of getting that reporters attention. This was something Gemma Craven, EVP of Social@Ogilvy highly recommended.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. ruchipandey says:

    Thank God, I have a twitter account 🙂

    Although I am not as active on twitter as I should probably be, I have definitely experienced the overdose of information on twitter. I completely agree with you on all the points. The obvious truth of the fact is that twitter is free and it provides us a scope to get in touch with people who we never imagined to be connected with. It’s so easy to retweet and reply to people on twitter.

    It’s also much more than that. For aspiring PR professionals, it is important to be aware of current events and what better source than twitter.We all have an equal chance of being influential, we might as well make the most of it.

    • Exactly! As a PR professional in training, I can’t think of any other current events resource better for me than Twitter. Any and all news is at my finger tips, literally.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. Pam Olszewski says:

    I’ll admit, I was EXTREMELY anti-Twitter a few years ago. I finally set up an account in 2009 only because my roomate pressured me to. I didn’t use it very much at first, but over the next few months and years I started to notice a change in how people and companies were interacting on Twitter, and I became more active (and pretty much obsessed).

    Now, I am constantly checking Twitter all day long. I love it because news and things that I am interested in are delivered directly to me in one central locaiton. All I have to do is scroll through to see what I want to click through to.

    I also think Twitter is an excellent way to brand yourself. The first thing companies do after a job interview is Google the candidate. If you have an open Twitter account, it is an opportunity for them to learn more about your personality, your interests, your knowledge about the industry and your online presence. It communicates who you are beyond your resume, cover letter and interview. For me, this is the most valuable aspect of Twitter and hopefully it will help me in my job search!

    • Pam,

      My Twitter relationship sounds extremely similar to yours! I was relatively put off by it at first too- who cares about what I have to say in a 140-character-or-less sentence? And unless you’re a celebrity, why would I care about what you have to say? But here we are, and now I’m clearly obsessed.

      I’ve been working a lot this past year on ‘branding’ myself as well. It’s an interesting concept; and if people don’t believe that their potential employer is ‘Googling’ them, they are just being naive.

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. J_Terilli says:

    I’m a late convert to Twitter but I totally agree with you. My close friends don’t have accounts and my face always contorts as if I just ate a lemon when I hear this. (Yes, I’m a little bit of hypocrite to say that considering I only joined in January.) My latest example about why people need to use Twitter was when I had major problem with my phone and I was dreading the phone call to Verizon’s customer service. I tweeted @VZWsupport. I gave them my phone number and they got back to me within an hour. The problem was resolved and I spent zero time being on hold listening to bad music. Loooooove Twitter.

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